Various Kinds of Outsourced Bill of Lading Forms

Outsourced Bill of lading or BOL is a legal document in a business sector stating the delivery of goods shipped by the business vendor to its shipping carrier. It is a receipt showing that the carrier has received the shipment which also includes information about the shipper and the receiver.


The outsourced bill of lading is distinguished in 12 types:

Straight bill of lading: It is the bill assigned to a specific party in which the seller agrees with the use of specific transportation to ship goods to a certain location and is used for already paid shipments.

To order bill of lading: Issued to the order of a shipper for the delivery of goods and is used for shipments in which payments are not done in advance.

Clean bill of lading: Transport document that claims that the goods received in the shipment are of a good condition and free from any defect.

Inland bill of lading: Contract signed by the shipper and carrier for the overland transportation of goods such as by road or rails, across the land, but not over the sea.

Ocean bill of lading: Document allowing the shipper to transport the cargo overseas, nationally and internationally

Through bill of lading: Complex bill of lading that allows for the transportation of goods both within domestic borders and through international shipment, through different modes of transportation and different distribution centers.

Multimodal/Combined transport bill of lading: Used commonly in door-to-door shipments that involve a minimum of two different modes of transportation, either land or ocean.

Direct bill of lading: It is used to declare that the same vessel that picked up in the cargo has reached its final destination.

Stale bill of lading: Generally used to present to the bank or the consignee after the cargo reaches its destination.

Shipped on board bill of lading: Certifies that the specified goods received in apparently good condition from the consignor and have been taken abroad on the stated date.

Received bill of lading: It is the simple form among the outsourced bill of lading forms stating that the cargo has arrived at the port and is cleared to be loaded on the ship.

Claused bill of lading: It is the kind of BOL which shows the shortfall or damage in the delivered goods.

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Post Author: Natsha Fernande