Air Freight Logistics BPO Services

NexGen Logistics BPO is a globally notable outsourcing company, providing commendable air freight logistics BPO solutions within a cost-effective budget. To achieve the customer-satisfactory result within a shorter time frame, we have employed an in-house of dedicated and professional experts, who work round-the-clock.

There are countless challenges associated with the back-office and documentation activities while executing the smoother functioning of air freight logistics. But, our dedicated team will undertake the accountability of handling the air freight logistic BPO activities with perfection.

Our airway bill processing enables the digital filing of the various transportation documents payout the air cargo shipment to the concerned authorized agent.


The major air freight logistics BPO support solutions offered by our team are:

  • Airway bill processing
    The speedy processing of the airway bills is a significant aspect of transporting the goods via the airways. We digitize the information which is contained on the airway bills and ensure a careful processing of the information in the next phase. We utilize the contemporary tools and technologies to process the airway bills with complete accuracy.

  • Invoice processing
    Verifying and streamlining the invoices is an indispensable phase of every logistics business. We scan the images and extract the essential details, followed by the entering of this information into a prescribed format.

  • Freight audit and payment
    We follow a systematized approach and an established technique to analyze and process the freight audits and payment. Our process comprises of two stages – freight bill pre-audit processing and freight post audit processing.

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