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One of the significant aspects of transporting the goods through the airways is the rapid processing of the airway bills. The airway bill processing enables the digital filing of the various transportation documents pertaining to the air cargo shipment to the concerned authorized agent.

What do you understand by an ‘Airway Bill’?

The airway bill is defined as a contract between the airline and the shipper and it highlights the terms and conditions of the transportation. There are basically two types of airway bill:

  • • Airline airway bill

  • • Neutral airway bill

Work Flow -Airway Billing Processing


NexGen Logistics BPO is the renowned and well-established service provider of airway bill processing within an affordable pricing package. Generally, the process of converting the information (stored on the airway bills) into a digitized format is an expensive and time-consuming task. Hence, the dedicated team at NexGen Logistics BPO will ensure to streamline the airway bill processing in an efficient manner.

On a daily basis, most of the International Air Cargo Shipment comprises the involvement of approximately 30+ numerous kinds of documents. The airway bill is considered to be one of the most significant non-negotiable transportation paper document and is issued directly by a carrier or an authorized agent.

We follow a systematic process to complete the airway bill processing in a hassle-free manner and our team will ensure to deliver the desired result with less error and within a faster turnaround time.

The process followed for airway bill at NexGen Logistics BPO:

  • • Scanning and storing the airway bill on your server
  • • Utilizing the contemporary software and technologies to capture the data
  • • Our team of committed and professionals will ensure to process the data securely and efficiently
  • • After the conversion into a digital format, the data or the result is sent for verification, before the final delivery to the client

Our team captures the following information from the documents such as:

  • • Airway bill number
  • • Utilizing the contemporary software and technologies to capture the data
  • • Sender and recipient information
  • • Shipping information
  • • Packaging
  • • Services
  • • Payments
  • • Internal billing information

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