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The trucking (road) logistics industry is facing the severe intricate challenges due to the uprising price of oil and the passive economic conditions. NexGen Logistics BPO is a well-established offshore service provider of the road freight logistics BPO services within an affordable budget. Generally, the trucking or the road logistics business involves the numerous complicated responsibilities such as organizing and controlling the supply chain of goods. We have a team of professional and skilled experts who ensure to offer the appropriate road logistics services. Looking forward to getting the benefits from outsourcing your logistics BPO services? Approach us and ease your process of payment or transaction processing, business intelligence, customer relationship management, etc.


Our major road freight logistics BPO services include:

  • Processing of freight receivable

    If you want to avoid the loopholes associated with the freight receivable processing, hire our dedicated team. We will successfully manage, review, audit, and collect the payment with complete accuracy. Our team will execute the process of pre-auditing your freight bills before initiating the payment. We will review each and every invoice against the intervened contracts, price, discount, etc. The process of reviewing is followed by the verification and validation of these invoices against the documents related to the shipment. Towards the end, the data is checked for the duplicates with the utilization of BOL numbers, shipment features, etc. Apart from these, we will also assist you with the effective management of the amount receivable.
  • Billing data entry

    Our team is specialized in keying a bulk of Bill of Lading (BOL) on a daily basis. Our trained team of data entry operators understand the significance of Bill of Lading and hence, handle each entry with complete accuracy. Our quality check controlling team would continuously track the speed and consistency for the billing data entry process.

    Our other related services also encompass freight rating, auditing, documentation management, distribution management and much more.

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