Overview of Outsourcing Logistics Back-Office Services

Similar to the other business verticals, the logistic firms are also inclined towards the excellent management of the back-office needs. In the existing business scenario, be it a small or large logistic enterprise, every firm gives prominent importance to the concept of Logistics Back-Office Services

Logistics Back-Office Services include document (freight, bill, invoices, etc.) digitization, auditing, scanning of BOL, data entry, data processing, and many more to go. Logistic BPO services ensure to simplify the overall transportation process and contribute to a balanced and effective supply chain management. 

Logistics back office services

But, have you ever observed? Managing the logistic back-office documentation process is a tiresome and daring exercise. And yes, it’s the reality! 

To resist the in-house entanglements and hassles, hiring an offshore LSP (logistic service provider) can be profitable for your business. 

Check Out The Overview of Outsourcing Logistic Back Office Services

Logistic Back-Office Documentation Support

To deal with the tedious paper-based task management, you need to have an efficient and flexibleLogistics Back-Office Services team. Hence, if you are seeking to create and manage the logistic BPO activities, it is of primary prominence to hire the right offshore team. 

To keep your business stay ahead of the rising market competition, outsourcing the Logistics back office Services is an important and beneficial decision. Also, such a decision will lead to cost-reduction and maximizing business productivity. 

Few back-office documentation services outsourced by the logistic companies!

Logistic Data Entry – Logistic data entry forms the fundamental business activity. Outsourcing the logistic data entry service will enable keying the data accurately into the database or a specified format. Often, the data is gathered from sources such as driver logs, BOL (bill of lading), B3 Forms, purchase orders, shipping documents, and receipts. 

Freight Logistics – The road/rail/ocean/air logistic sector deals with numerous challenges associated with  freight logistic services. Hiring a logistic service provider will minimize the hurdles that are encountered in this back-office process. They will ensure to bring clarity in the management of the supply chain phase. An offshore data processing company can lead to excellent digitization and analysis of the freight receivable, contributing to effective bill data entry. 

Bill of Lading – Outsourcing the BOL tasks related to all the four logistic spheres (air, rail, ocean, and road) is a fruitful decision. BOL is basically receipt that acts for a carriage contract, a document of title, and consigned goods. The paper-stored BOL’s are difficult to manage and hence, hiring a logistic service provider will assist you with the BOL digitization process. It will improve the productivity and accessibility feature. You can easily save a considerable amount with the elimination of paperwork. 

Pre and Post-Audit Freight Payment – Most of the logistic firms face troubles while handling the freight bills. The errors are usually due to irrelevant data and inaccurate billing. And these mistakes probably occur due to the continuous modifications in freight rate and lengthy processing cycles. The logistic service providers review the freight invoices and ensure in making a quick comparison with the accurate shipment documentation. Also, the process includes eliminating billing errors. The post-audit stage ensures to rectify the detected errors.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Logistic Back-Office Documentation

  • Enabling your business to focus on core functions and critical logistic activities
  • Maximizing the level of customer satisfaction and giving a top priority to customer’s preferences
  • Allowing the real-time tracking and enhancing the visibility
  • Experiencing quality-based and affordable logistic documentation services at a minimal TAT
  • You can access the proficiency and knowledge of a pool of experts
  • Integrating the concepts of sophisticated technologies including IoT to speed up the process

Next Move?

If you were to new to the idea of outsourcing, hope this article has conveyed its purpose. We at NexGen Logistic BPO guarantee to provide first-class back-office documentation services for your logistic business. We ensure a substantial cost-saving for our clients and keep up their expectations of enhanced logistic operations. Our team keeps a close check with the ongoing logistics trends and will assure in eradicating all kinds of hassles (faced during the documentation process). To get a free quote and discuss your project requirements, contact us at [email protected] 

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