Outsource Logistic Back Office Services to Offshore BPO Company

Presently, logistics BPO company are accomplishing a huge prominence in the global outsourcing market. The logistics BPO services are highly critical for an organization as it includes the process of transporting the goods from one place to another.

Outsourcing logistics back office services can benefit a logistic organization in multiple ways. Outsourcing will help to carry through the logistic firms to reduce the operational costs with a maximized level of productivity. To be noted, outsourcing can be a wise decision undertaken by a majority of the organizations.


To stay ahead of the market competition, the logistic based organizations are outsourcing logistics back office services that includes the following:

Road freight logistic BPO

The road logistic industry comes across numerous constraints pertaining to the road freight logistic BPO services. The road logistic based business organizations try hard to deal with the complexities of managing and streamlining the goods supply chain. But, due to lack of resources or experienced professionals, they fail to execute the related BPO tasks in-house. In such an uneventful instance, outsourcing service providers come as a great relief. They will aid you with the crucial processing of freight receivable and executing the bill data entry.

Logistic data entry

Data entry is one of the commonly outsourced services by most of the organizations. This applies in the logistic industry too. The outsourcing service providers ensure the entering of logistic data into business database with complete preciseness. Outsourcing the logistic data entry is the contemporary concept followed in the global market. The periodically outsourced logistic data entry includes generating an invoice, purchase order entry, driver log entry, BOL data entry, B3 form data entry, and much more.

Invoice processing

Unpaid invoices can create numerous hassles in the functioning of a business. Invoice processing is a procedure which involves the management of the supplier’s invoice from its receipts. Outsourcing the invoice processing activity will help your business to eliminate the hinders that lead to smoother functioning of a logistics company. The service providers ensure consistent invoice processing services and maximize the relationship with the customers. The logistic BPO company validates the data for accurate value, creating receipts of the large volume of digital invoices, retaining scanned invoices from clients, auditing the scanned invoices, and much more.

Road freight bill of lading

To ship the goods in a timely manner, outsourcing the road freight BOL (bill of lading) is an essential step to be approached. If the BOL isn’t handled with the utmost care, it can lead to divergent business complexities. The service includes preparing the road freight BOL precisely, rectifying the errors (if occurred), plotting relevant documentation, rechecking of the bill errors, and much more.

Railway freight logistic BPO

There has been an increase in the transportation of goods or cargo via the railway mode. The service provider makes the finest use of the latest technologies to transform the freight invoices into a digitized format. Financial analysis and planning is a vital element of outsourcing railway freight logistic BPO service. The established logistic BPO company also accurately manages the diversified back-office activities such as railway freight data management, data entry, indexing, processing, and much more.

Ocean freight shipping BPO

Ocean freight is the process of exporting and importing of the cargo goods through the mode of shipping. The service providers ensure a simplified ocean freight shipping process such as processing the invoices, executing the bill pre-auditing and post-auditing services, along with the efficient processing of numerous shipping documents.

Ocean bill of lading

Outsourcing the ocean bill of lading service can be highly beneficial for the successful functioning of a logistics firm. The processing includes handling of various BOL’s such as a clean bill of lading, a straight bill of lading, onboard bill of lading, and shipper’s order bill of lading. The service providing team executes a careful check on the various information and authenticating the collected data.

Outsourcing the logistic back office services can benefit an organization in various ways such as:

  • Maximized customer satisfaction
  • Minimizing administrative and back-office works
  • Helping you to focus on core functions
  • Round-the-clock support assistance
  • Affordable services
  • Minimized turnaround time
  • A pool of experienced and expert professionals

Identifying the right service provider is a challenging task but once you hire the experienced and professional offshore logistic BPO service provider, the non-productive tasks become easy and highly affordable.

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