Guidance to Outsource Ocean Bill of Lading

Ocean bill of lading is considered to be one of the most significant documents involved in the shipping logistics business. Outsourcing the ocean bill of lading service has become one of the prevalent practices in the logistic business.

Outsource Ocean Bill of lading

Here’s detailed guidance on the outsourcing ocean bill of lading. Let’s start from scratch. So, if you are into the logistic business, you might aware of the term and role of ‘outsource ocean bill of lading’. An ocean bill of lading is a document that needs to be filled in by the shipper before initiating the freight shipping procedure. It safeguards the carrier as well as the shipper.

In precise, the outsource ocean bill of lading enlists the data such as quantity, type, and destination of the products.

The Role of BOL in a Business : 

Generally, there are two kinds of BOL in a business – Straight bill of lading and order bill of lading. A bill of lading is a crucial document that holds a greater prominence in the logistic business. Other prominent bill of lading include:

  • A negotiable bill of lading

  • Electronic bill of lading

  • Claused bill of lading

The ocean BOL is a receipt that states the details of goods shipped and it is considered to be a contract between the shipper and carrier. It also serves as a ‘document of title’.

Elements of Ocean Bill of Lading :

  • Name and address of shipper and receiver

  • Shipment date and number of shipping units

  • Classification of freight

  • A detailed description of items

  • Specific instructions for the carrier

  • Packaging types

  • Freight value and shipment weight

Process of the outsourcing ocean bill of lading?

  1. The client scans the ocean bill of lading and uploads it to the server

  2. The service providers download the scanned bill of lading documents

  3. The logistic BPO company executes flawless data entry and digitization

  4. It is followed by data verification and BOL auditing

  5. The quality-checked BOL’s that have been digitized are uploaded to the client’s server

  6. The outsourcing companies welcome feedback from clients for further changes if needed

Need to outsource ocean bill of lading :

Most of the time, due to lack of inexperienced staff, most of the logistic businesses fail to implement an effective ocean bill of lading services. To combat such challenges, hiring the right offshore outsourcing service provider can serve your business purpose.

As the inexperienced employees try a hand on the processing and digitization of outsource ocean bill of lading, it can lead to multiple inaccuracies. To rectify these errors and challenges, outsourcing is the finest choice for many.

How does outsourcing ocean bill of lading help your firm?

  • You can enjoy quality-focused results at an economical price

  • Helps to meet the expectation of clients with ease

  • Making the finest use of contemporary technologies

  • Excellent communication skills with round-the-clock assistance

  • They will abide by the industrial security measures

It is of a greater significance to keep the bill of lading documents digitally up-to-date with complete accuracy. And NexGen Logistic BPO company can help you with the optimal and accurate ocean bill of lading service to enhance your operations.

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