Foremost Measures Executed in Air Freight Logistics

In the current business ambiance, a majority of the global business firms are following the process of outsourcing their non-core services to an offshore service provider. This has facilitated most of the countries to accomplish a successful range of solutions at an affordable price. One among the prominent service that demands a constant outsourcing in the logistics sector is the ‘air freight logistics BPO.


Due to the increase in fuel cost and the basic cost involved in the long transportation of goods, it has become mandatory for the logistics firms to opt for a strategic and well-built planning. It is said that most of the revenue generated by the airline industry comes from the ‘air cargo’.

There has been a drastic increase in the movement of goods globally. But at times, there emerge situations wherein the movement is interrupted by unexpected events, etc. In such a scenario, the concept of logistics process outsourcing gains a crucial significance.

Outsourcing the air freight outsourcing services to a well-established offshore service provider will offer you with topmost benefits.

  • Cost-effective and low factor processing
  • Speedy client delivery
  • Unique and organized inventory management
  • Enhancing the operational efficiencies

In this blog, we are mentioning the foremost measures which are executed in ‘Air Freight Logistics’.

  • Cost-management of air freight – The major factors included in the air freight process are the rate of transportation, fuel charge, and cost of security. There are only certain shipping-based charges which are manageable. One of the prime issue witnessed by the air cargo industry is the increasing price and demand for fuel. To execute the transportation via air, fuel is considered to be a larger factor that covers the overall operational cost. Enactment of a well-organized process can enhance the cost involved in air cargo. It also comprises the outsourcing of non-core tasks. The global logistics market has turned out to be quite expensive and hence, the expenditure on air freight logistics BPO has to be streamlined efficiently.
  • Enhancing the accuracy of stock – Do you know what is the most significant physical asset in an organization? It’s the STOCK. If you do not keep a constant monitoring of the physical assets involved within your firm, it can have an adverse impact on your business such as miserable customer service, shortage of required assets, internal or external threats. Every air logistics business firm should implement the excellently designed stock quality management programs to achieve the desired result. Possessing a well-built order metric can help you to track the movement and act of the stock items to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Regulatory conformity – The logistics business across the globe should mandatorily abide by the safety and security norms prescribed by the respective governments. The regulatory conformity should be well merged with the essential logistics functioning and if not, it can have negative results such as a low performance, etc. It is necessary to possess a deeper understanding of the local demands because logistics firms of different countries follow different kinds of documentation rules and regulations. Security measures and norms are of a greater prominence when it comes to the process of ‘goods clearage’ at the respective airport customs inspection.
  • Document digitization – A large number of documents and paperwork is involved in the airways to execute the air freight logistics BPO services. Document processing is an important phase in the air cargo section. It has become mandatory to digitize the documents involved, so as to, store, transfer, index, and safeguard the documents successfully. This will help to maximize the level of operational efficiency. To add on, utilizing the advanced set of logistics related technology will help you to manage, coordinate, and delivery the result on-time.
  • Partnership with reputed carriers –Majority of global air cargo is controlled through the freight suppliers. You should successfully develop a powerful relation between the air cargo providers as well as the various business enterprises. It is totally unacceptable for a poorer delivery of service caused due to the transportation of fragile cargo. Make sure to select an air freight service provider who will assure a perfect and appropriate management of the license.

Time is considered to be an important factor that determines the performance and growth of the logistics industry. If you want to achieve a greater efficiency, select a globally established and highly professional air freight outsourcing service provider.

Post Author: Sarah Richardson

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